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group shot of small cute succulent plant pots

Keep your succulents cute and cozy with these adorable owl planters!

What makes our owl planters special?

  • These owl plant pots are BRAND NEW and ORIGINAL designs by an artist in Los Angeles. These owl planters are NOT the generic pots you see at big box stores and Amazon.
  • Each owl planter can hold multiple succulents, perfect for your creative arrangements.
  • Each owl planter is small enough to fit in your hand, but large enough where your succulents will have room to grow and thrive.
  • Each owl planter has it's own style and personality. Mix and match with your succulents for maximum fun!
  • These owl planters are only available HERE. We are doing a limited edition run of 500 only.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, order from this secure website. For a limited time, get FREE SHIPPING!
group shot of cute owl succulent plant pots
single owl succulent planter

About our owl planters:

  • Owl planters are 3.5" TALL x 3.25" WIDE
  • There is a 3/8" drainage hole on bottom
  • Owl planters are ceramic and handpainted
  • Designed in the USA

FREE SHIPPING for a limited time! Satisfaction guaranteed with our easy 30 day return policy.

There is so much room for your succulents to grow and thrive!

two owl succulent plant pot with succulents
cute but mighty makes better owl succulent plant pots compared to others
owls succulent plant pots are cute, small and fun

Got questions? Call, email or write to us through the Contact Page. We have a helpful FAQ Page as well.

owls succulent planters in the garden
owls owls succulent planters in the garden
owls succulent planters in the garden

heart Succulents + Cute Owls + Your Garden = Happiness!