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I couldn't find Owl Plant Pots that were cute yet functional, so I created my own!

Hello, my name is Sandra Fremgen and I created these owl planters because I couldn't find anything like them on the market. The other owl planters out there were either too small (my succulents kept dying in them), or just overall bad quality.

My goal was to create owl planters that were SMALL, CUTE and had LOTS OF ROOM FOR MY SUCCULENTS TO THRIVE.

I took my 13 years experience as a professional designer and created these pots. They started off as drawings in my sketchbook and eventually became actual pots!

After receiving many compliments and inquires, I decided to do a small, limited run of these owl planters. It turns out that many of you are also tired of buying the same generic planters on Amazon. Many of you are also looking for that extra special planter to compliment your succulents. Our gardens are our sanctuaries and we are grateful for the hours of joy they provide.

I am proud to share these owl planters with you. I hope they make you smile every time you see them in your garden. If you buy a set of these planters, PLEASE send me a photo. :)

Thank you!

Sandra Fremgen