How to draw a Cute Baby Bunny Step by Step

Hello! Welcome to this tutorial on how to draw a cute baby bunny. You can watch the video above to see me draw this bunny step by step or follow the instructions below. Both ways you will learn to:

  1. Draw the general shapes that make up this baby bunny.
  2. Draw horizontal and vertical guidelines to establish his eyes, nose and body position.
  3. Once you have the general shapes and guidelines established, you will do a simple pencil drawing of the bunny.
  4. Now we will give personality and flair to this pencil drawing by varying the thickness of the lines and a little bit of shading.

Step 1) Draw an oval for the bunny’s head.

Step 2) Draw an oval beneath the head for the bunny’s body. Notice the oval of the head intersects the oval of the bunny’s body.

Step 3) Draw horizontal and vertical cross lines in the bunny’s head to represent where the eyes and nose should go.

Step 4) Draw a vertical line down the bunny’s body. Also draw two little wedges for his arms. Draw two little knobs for thumbs.

Step 5) Draw two little wedges for the bunny’s legs.

Step 6) Draw two oblong ovals for the bunny’s ears.

Step 7) With the center horizontal line established on the bunny’s head, draw a line above and below. These two lines show where the bunny’s eyes should be. Make a mark for the nose and the mouth.

Step 8) Draw in the oval eyes, a little triangle nose and a U shaped mouth.

Step 9) Draw in dashes for the eyebrows. Draw in details for the ears.

Step 10) Draw in a little tuff of hair on the bunny’s chest. Draw in details of his diaper. He is wearing a cloth diaper.

Step 11) Now that you have the guidelines established, take a graphite pencil and draw in an outline of the bunny. The blue guidelines are meant to help you see what the bunny looks like. When you are drawing on top of them, you are creating a new drawing. Don’t think of it as tracing.

Step 12) Now that you have the graphite line drawn in, go over your pencil lines again and give them more personality. Vary the thickness and thinness of the lines. When a line is thick, it “pops” up more and is coming towards us. A thin line recedes to the back. So if a line has both thick and thin elements, it helps the overall drawing come alive. Also, don’t forget to give this baby bunny some rosy cheeks!

Below are some additional poses of my baby bunny. I will call him “Bernie Bunny” after my own adorable son. He is having the best day ever! 🙂

Now that you’ve drawn your own baby bunny, you can take it one step further and color it! 🙂 Here is mine:

“All it takes is a pencil” by Sandra Fremgen

“All it takes is a pencil… I can draw a new world with my pencil… I can write a letter to voice my opinion… I can write a letter to a friend.. and probably a lot more”

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