How to draw a cute Hula Kitty step by step – Part 2

Here is another pose of Hula Kitty! This time, she is raising her arms in the air as part of her hula dance. Her eyes are closed because she is really into the dance.

Step 1) Draw an oval representing Hula Kitty’s head.

Step 2) Draw a cone shape representing her body.

Step 3) Draw a horizontal and vertical line on the head and body. The vertical line shows you where the center of her body is. You can tell which direction her head and body are looking at.

Step 4) Draw Hula Kitty’s ears. In the cone shape, draw a smaller oval shape inside. This smaller oval shape represents her stomach area.

Step 5) Draw cylinders to represent her arms and legs. At the ends of her arms draw ovals to represent her paws. Draw her tail.

Step 6) Now that you have established her body, draw her coconut bra and grass skirt.

Step 7) Draw the creases of her ears. For Hula Kitty’s head, we will draw a horizontal line above the center line. This represents where the top of her eyes will be. Draw a line for the nose. Draw a line for the mouth. Draw her whiskers.

Step 8) Draw her eyes, nose and mouth. Notice that her eyes are closed and you see her eyelashes. She is happily dancing and thus closed her eyes in this moment.

Step 9) Draw the grass leaves of her hula skirt.

Step 10) Take a pencil and draw her outline. Now that you’ve established her the structure of her body, it should be easier to confidently draw her outline.

Step 11) Now that you have her outline established, go over the lines again. Vary the thickness of the lines throughout the drawing to give it life. Also, shade in her cheeks and paws.

Step 12) To finish the drawing, you can erase the structure lines or you can put a clean sheet of paper on top and trace the drawing.

Congrats! You are done with Hula Kitty! How did it go? Please let me know in the comments. Feel free to email me your drawing and I will give you feedback. 🙂

Want to draw more of Hula Kitty? Here are instructions for pose #1 and pose #3.


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